Your brakes are one of the most important systems on your entire vehicle. Not just for their functionality, but for their role in your overall safety system. If you have ever had a brake failure, then you know how critical they are.

Over time you may notice them begin to squeak or squeal when you brake. This is a sign that they are getting close to being ready for replacement. If you let that noise go unchecked, you may begin to feel the vibration in the car when you brake, especially at high speeds. That is a sign that the brakes are overdue for service and you may be doing damage to your rotors. At that point, you will not only need to replace the pads, but you may also have to turn or even replace the rotors altogether.

So if you are noticing any noise or vibration in your brake system then bring it in for an inspection at our service center here at C. Wimberley Ford Inc..

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